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20x20x10 Steel Building

Steel Buildings & Garages

We manage your steel building project from end to end with an eye for detail and a respect for your time. From building & site planning, steel building permitting – thru completion, we offer a stress free, professional experience.

A wide range of options is tailored just for your needs.

  • Standard Buildings: Widths available as small as 14′. Lengths as large as 60′.
  • Commercial Buildings: Widths available as small as 14′. Lengths as large as 100′.
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Why Choose Sunshine Structures Steel Buildings?

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Strong and Reliable

At Sunshines Structures, good enough is never enough. Our mantra is strong and reliable. We are continuously improving ourselves to give our customers the very best the industry has to give. We will continue to raise the bar and exceed expectations. The industries gold standard is not our goal, our goal is to be the industry standard.

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20 Year Warranty

When buying a metal roof building you want to know that y you have a rock solid companwilling to stand behind their product. We guarantee a 20 year warranty for all buildings you purchases. When you look at metal building, you want to know that the company that built your building is going to be there to honor that warranty.

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Free Delivery

In order to be the best you have to give your best. For us, that isn’t just the quality of materials. It’s a complete package, from placing an order until the last metal panel is installed. There has been an ongoing process that we have perfected. In our industry, which is like none other in the history of architecture or construction, with a purchase of a steel building we promise to deliver your steel building for free on your level foundation.

*Delivery depending on your location or size of building.

You Deserve Quality Buildings at the Best Price

Affordable & Durable Steel Buildings

At Sunshine Structures, we build metal buildings and garages in Orlando, Florida and more to meet your detailed project demands. On-time delivery & setup along with award winning service are what sets us apart from the competitors. We take pride that all our metal building materials are made in Florida and employee local Floridians.

  • 20 Colors Available
  • 12 & 14 Gauge Steel Options
  • 6×6, 8×8, 10×10, 12×12 Roll Up Doors
  • 14×14,+ Custom Size Commercial Doors
  • Wide 36″, 42″, and 48″ Entry Doors
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All Inclusive Financing

Ask us about our All Inclusive Financing Plans with great rates and a consolidated billing. Skip the hassle of dealing with multiple contractors, lenders and laborers. At Sunshine Structures, we deliver, install, and finance your steel building or metal garage, allowing you to save time, money, and hassle.


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Commercial Buildings

Sunshine Structures has years of experience expediting commercial building construction. Our steel buildings come with a hurricane rated wind load to protect against the harsh Florida weather. Auto shops, nurseries, horse stables, and commercial rental space are just a few examples of how customers have saved thousands utilizing our steel buildings. We specialize in corporate estimations, and help with local zoning & permitting.

  • Concrete Pads & Slab Services
  • Vertical, Flat, and Slant Roofing Options
  • 160 & 180mph Wind Load Configurations
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